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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Signs All Point To Confrontation

Iran elects an old terrorist as its president. He calls for the destruction of Israel while resisting any UN or international effort to inspect Iran's avowedly "peaceful" nuclear energy program. He, today, calls for Jews to be moved to Germany and Austria and out of Israel. How long does he expect Israel to stand by and do nothing? Is that his objective? Or is he just another Islamic nutbag who believes whatever is convenient in order to take focus away from the miserableness of their own societies and existences? By the way, ignorance of history is not limited to Western liberals. He argues "why did you come to give a piece of Islamic land" to create Israel. Inasmuch as what is now Israel existed as a Jewish homeland a good 700 years before Muhammed created Islam, how did it become "Islamic land"? Answer: based upon the Quranic teaching that once a land becomes Islamic, it forever remains Islamic (i.e. dar al-Islam). Be afraid. Be very afraid of these people and their goals.

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