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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, Yeah, I'm Doing Fine But Unfortunately It Seems Most Everyone Else...

It is a common factor of the human condition to (1) consider yourself unique or exceptional and, (2) to believe without ability to confirm at least some of the constant drumbeat of bad news. That explains the common polling finding that a majority see their personal situation as quite positive, but they see the overall situation as negative. The people of Iraq are no exception. A recent poll found 70% of Iraqis believing that their lives were going well, and two-thirds believing that things will continue to get better. The interesting quote is the following: The number of Iraqis who say things are going well in their country overall is just 44 percent, far fewer than the 71 percent who say their own lives are going well. Fifty-two percent instead say the country is doing badly. So, the bottom line is that a significant majority of Iraqis see their personal situation, and their futures, quite positively, but nevertheless don't believe their situation is the norm. They could very easily be Democrats.

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