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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What Lovely People

The Iranian president call the Holocaust a "myth" while trying to smuggle forged ballots into Iraq, while his Palestinian counterpart approves monthly grants to the families of suicide bombers. What do all these acts have in common (besides being further evidence of a vast cultural and moral divide)? They are all signs of the impending conflict in the Middle East between those that support the terrorist agenda and those who oppose it. The Arabs, or more properly the Muslims since Iranians are actually Persian, hate for Jews and Israel is historic and palpable. It existed even before the days of Mohammed, but was refined into religious dogma by he and his followers. Iran quite obviously fears a more secular, but certainly more democratic, Iraq which clearly supports the notion that a democratic movement in the Middle East can be the most effective engine of change. The Palestinian leadership is not about to renounce (other than perhaps in words only) suicide bombing of innocents anytime soon inasmuch as it continues to subsidize the practice. The crucible that is the Middle East is beginning to bubble up and over as predicted by those who believed in the region-transforming potential of a free and democratic Iraq. Unfortunately, the violence that will follow is a necessary prerequisite to stability and prosperity because the fundamentalist old guard will not relinquish power and influence lightly.

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