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Friday, January 20, 2006

Basketball And Girlie Men

I'm NY Knicks fan and an attorney. However, I'm honest enough to admit that the Knicks are terrible and attorneys often deserve the reputation they have. Case in point. Antonio Davis, NY Knick forward, was suspended for 5 games for going into the stands the other night to protect his wife, who he believed was being threatened in some manner by a drunk fan. An attorney on behalf of the 22 year old fan, the son of some prominent Dem consultant, has threatened a $1 million battery and slander lawsuit against Mr. and Mrs. Davis unless the couple donate some undisclosed sum to a charity and Mr. Davis takes back his drunk comment. What a weinee. The case is no more worth $1 million than I'm related to the Emir of Kuwait. Also, please note that the battery claim is against Mrs. Davis and not her 6'9" 245 pound husband, so it would seem that the Missus made physical contact of some sort with this weinee...and he's suing her for it. Did I mention, what a weinee? Just like a liberal Democrat to look to the courts for relief rather than deal with the situation like a man.

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