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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada Moves Right

Thirteen years of liberal party rule has ended in Canada. This is slightly off topic, but there is something...not...quite...right with the liberal brain (no pun intended). I've been reading and posting about the controversy over the UCLA alumni group offering money for tapes of radical comments by professors in class, with the latest being an op-ed piece in my local paper entitled "Monitoring Professors Tramples Free Speech" (no need to read that one!) and I just don't get it. It starts with the reluctance to label oneself "left-wing" or "liberal" and is further manifested in this very squishy and intellectually weak thinking evidenced by the position the left takes in this debate. How can further disseminating a professor's viewpoint "trample" his free speech rights? Why would spreading his credo to an even larger audience somehow restrict his academic freedom? Well, it doesn't. What it does, however, is cast the light of day on the guy (or gal, of course) and take his pontifications beyond his captive audience to persons who may actually be in a position to refute them. But that's typical for liberals in academe: They are not accustomed to being challenged on pretty much any political, social or moral position. When they are challenged, they have little ability to respond and, consequently, feel as though their academic freedom is being cut short. They forget that freedom of speech is a two way street.

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