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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Few Notes

"The joke in Republican circles now is that if John Kerry didn't exist, Karl Rove would have to invent him." Read Deb Orin's column on the failed filibuster attempt and then ask yourself why it is that the left fringe of the Democratic party carries such weight, especially since playing to its sensibilities apparently hasn't translated into fundraising success. "Even granting legitimacy to the argument that the complete moral, financial and political corruption of Fatah was partly responsible for the Hamas victory, those who voted for Hamas did not find that organization's terror, religious celebration of murder or charter calling for Israel's destruction an impediment to their vote." Dennis Prager makes the difficult to refute point that the victory by Hamas is a defeat for many intellectuals on the left. The good question is why would one conclude that the "Palestinians as much as the Israelis want peace" other than due to wishful thinking?

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