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Thursday, January 26, 2006

How Do You Respond To This?

I had a long discussion together with a former professor and with another professor I had just met over a long lunch...of course liberals...and it was regarding David Horowitz's and his "Student Bill of Rights" idea which they find ridiculous and they ecxpressed their anger about his accusations that all academia is liberal and ideologues and what's wrong with that? yadda yadda...their defense was..."What about Horowitz's and Bush's backing by Corporate America?"...that is the common retort I hear in these discussions that the conservatives are bankrolled and "in bed" with "Corporate America" so they should not be the pot calling the kettle I ask you, that is any conservative, how do you respond and defend the idea that the outspoken conservatives are just seen as "patsys" for Corporate true do you think that is? I always find it hard to defend when I bother to do it.

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