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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Don't Get It....

I am still here in Italy, in Rome, during the one week out of the two weeks allowed a year by the government for businesses to have sales. To say it is bedlam is an understatement. I came home last night at not my normal time around 6 p.m. before shops are required to close and the lines were out the door of people waiting to get inside this clothing store. and literally hundreds were waiting outside of the famous brand stores like FENDI. At mass this morning, St. Peter's was unusually light in attendants because the locals were too busy shopping at the store sales the day before. It is unreal. What I do not get is...why would the government be so strict to regulate when businesses are allowed to have sales to just two times a year? Is this kind of regulation really helpful to their economy? It just seems so foreign to think the government is allowed to tell a business when they can discount their merchandise from everything to a cup to a car. Just weird.

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