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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm Switching To Dogpile

I cannot stand intellectual dishonesty and false righteousness. Google is resisting a Department of Justice subpoena for random web addresses (this has to do with legal challenges by the ACLU to the 1998 Child Online Protection Act). Similar subpoenas were delivered to Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. Google's informal code of conduct, which presumably it is applying in making this decision, is "Don't be evil." Apparently that motto only applies within the continental United States. Google has announced it will launch its services in China...thereby requiring it to censor its search results in order to comply with the Chinese government's restrictions on free speech and exchange of information. So let us be clear here. Google is unwilling to cooperate with our government in its efforts to convince the Supreme Court that a law designed to keep pornography and sexual predators away from our children is Constitutional. However, it is more than willing to voluntarily aid and abet a Communist government's efforts to prohibit the free flow of information to its citizens. Allow me to be cynical. This is all basic Business 101. By taking the "populist" position here, Google stands to increase it's market share on the basis of its perceived "social consciousness" (don't forget, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft have all complied with the subpoena). In communist China, business could only be advanced by toeing the Party line so, voila, not so much concern for oppressive government control or intrusions. Nice.

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