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Friday, January 27, 2006

Joel Stein: Cub Reporter

I imagine some of you have been following the Joel Stein debacle. He's the early thirtyish columnist for the LA Times who wrote a piece that has been roundly attacked by conservatives in which he states that he does not support the war in Iraq and, consequently, does not support or honor the troops. He was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt and came across as a spoiled, child of privilege with many opinions but little wisdom (or fact-based knowledge for that matter). However, I must admit to a bit of empathy for the young lad. I, too, have questioned the tautology of opposition to the war but support for those carrying out the dirtiest of the work involved. I'm not sure you can honor a soldier's service when that service is designed to carry out an objective you find loathsome. I distinguish "honor" and support from appreciating their bravery and dedication in doing a job 99.9% of us are unfit to do. Maybe this is a poor analogy but to me it would be like being anti-abortion but "honoring" and respecting the doctors who perform them. I'm not sure you can do both.

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