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Monday, January 30, 2006

Just Shut Up And Listen...Especially If You're A Member Of The Rotary Club

So you've been assigned by the big boss the job of negotiating a new deal with Widget, Inc. A company who just recently, and surprisingly has come under new control. Do you immediately make assumptions that the new management and its shareholders share the same goals, requirements, and corporate culture as you and your shareholders, and create your strategy on that basis? Or do you shut up and listen to what they have to say, not just outwardly but in an effort to read between the lines and obtain a deeper understanding of who you are dealing with and their motives? If you want to be successful, the answer is clearly the latter. Sometimes there is no greater insight gained than when you simply allow the object of your interest to be himself/itself and pay close attention to the little things that are on the periphery of your discussions. That's why I've been convinced for quite some time that the Palestinians are just plain bonkers when it comes to the issue of Israel, so do not expect rationality simply because you consider yourself to be. Case in point. The Hamas charter specifically references the Rotary Club as a "Zionist organization" inimicable to the interests of Islam and Arabs. Let's be very frank here. These folks are just plain around the bend and obviously quite prone to what would, if it was a Christian group of some sort, be called severe fits of irrationality and paranoia disqualifying them from the right to be taken seriously.

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