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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Questions For The Doves

Iran is on its way to developing a nuclear weapon. It likely already has the ability to provide "dirty bomb" materials to terrorists. It has harbored and financed anti-American and anti-Israeli terrorist organizations, it's president has openly called for the destruction of Israel and is sponsoring a conference to examine (i.e. refute) the Holocaust. It has removed the U.N. seals from its nuclear reactors and shows no intention of allowing U.N. monitoring or oversight of its nuclear program. Israel is contemplating a preemptive strike and there is much talk about what to do with this emerging, although not yet imminent, threat. On the left, the talk runs from denial of the threat ("this is all Bush Administration b.s.") to equivalence ("who are we to prevent Iran from having nukes if we have them") to the only solution is to sit down and negotiate ("appease, appease, appease"). If you fall within any of these categories, please answer the following questions: 1. Is there any reason to not take the Iranian president at his word when he says Iran has the "right" to a nuclear weapons program? 2. Is there any reason to not take the Iranian president at his word when he says Israel must be "wiped off" the map? 3. Is the world a less safe place or a more safe place if Iran, under it's current regime, has nuclear weapon capability? 4. Describe a viable diplomatic solution that would prevent (or convince) Iran from developing nuclear weapons? [note: this excludes naive and pollyanish "solutions" such as America, Israel, India, Pakistan, etc unilaterally eliminate their nuclear arsenals so that everyone else can then follow]

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