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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Rant Against Hillary's Plantation

As I approach the half-century mark (yikes!), I find myself becoming less-tolerant of the intolerable, and less diplomatic regarding ignorance. Hillary Clinton, speaking at an MLK Day event, compares the Republican party to a "plantation" and screams the canard about the federal government "turning its back" on Hurricane Katrina survivors. I don't know who I have more contempt for. Hillary, who I suspect doesn't believe a word of what she is saying, or her predominantly black audience who erupts into vociferous cheers whenever she, or any other Dem, reminds them of how downtrodden they are in 21st century America. OK. Today I have more contempt for the audience who, it is reported, responded with "thunderous applause" to Hillary's remarks. What losers. I cannot imagine my immigrant grandfather, who was called a "wop" and a "guinea" to his face, and who had no choice but to take work as barber, wondering when the government was going to come to his rescue. I cannot imagine the grandparents and great grandparents of the Irish kids I grew up with, waiting for someone to come to their rescue in the face of "Irish Need Not Apply" signs on most storefronts. The irony lost on the race-baiters and their willing accomplices is starkly evident. What is more "plantation" like than a group of adult black men and women gathered together to cheer the words of the big, powerful white women who has come to deliver them from their oppressive existences? Give me a break.

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