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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Those That Do Not Remember History...

I found this at Sleepy Geek and it is a reminder of what our MSM never reports, but should if it was actually engaging in unbiased newsgathering. The usual suspects (NOW, NARAL, ACLU, PETA,, etc...etc...etc...) screech the same Chicken Little predictions every time and...strangely enough...these apocalyptic predictions never, ever come true. All they do is substitute the name of the most recent Republican appointee. Despite this abysmal batting average, each time history repeats itself it is reported as though it was the first time. Do you think your typical short-attention-spanned voter might think differently about NOW's hand-wringing over Judge Alito if it was also reported that NOW argued the same case against Rehnquist, Thomas and Souter? Why would any thinking person take the advice of a group that has never been right! [Note: I suspect if any women died as a result of Judge Souter, we would have heard about it by now]

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