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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What We Need Are Better Negotiations!

What I wouldn't give for a constructive debate on Iran (or any other important issue for that matter). "Plantation Mama" Clinton knows that any responsible person must see Iran's nuclear ambitions as a global threat. However, she can't avoid playing to the far left so must bash the Bush Administration. For what? For leaving the negotiations to France, Germany and England. Tell me if I'm wrong, but whenever we (i.e. Republican administration) seeks to negotiate unilaterally, it's a sign of hubris. However, if we leave negotiations to a multilateral group, it's the wrong decision. More importantly, and the reason why you simply cannot afford a liberal Dem in the White House in these times. Does anyone truly believe that "proper" negotiations with Iran over the past two years would have resulted in it giving up its nuclear ambitions? Remember how well that worked with North Korea. [P.S. to Hillary: that was your hubby's administration along with the always ineffective former President Carter who handled that one]

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