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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Few Late Trifles

This election was truth in advertising. Now we know. What to do? The world must impress upon the Palestinians that there are consequences for their choices. And so long as they choose rejectionism -- the source of a 60-year conflict the Israelis have long been ready to resolve -- the world will not continue to support and subsidize them. Read all of Charles Krauthammer's piece and then tell me where he is wrong. The flap over the publication by a Danish newspaper of offensive cartoons of Muhammad is a good example of what is wrong. The protesting Muslims in Europe or on the West Bank are not rioting and threatening innocent Danes because they’ve been told to but because they believe it’s their religious duty. That is not compatible with freedom. My sensitivities, as a Catholic, are offended almost every day by something I read in the paper. But it’s never occurred to me to avenge what I see by seeking to behead someone at The Guardian or The New York Times. Gerard Baker over at the Times of London makes a similar point that elections are good, but only by delivering the consequences of the choices made will change the underlying pathologies of the electorate. If workplace enforcement were successful, the word would quickly spread to Mexico and other nations that are major sources of illegal immigration. The numbers crossing our borders illegally would drop significantly. Jack Smith discusses illegal immigration.

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