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Friday, February 03, 2006

Just Can't Get Enough...Just Can't Get Enough..

"We have to defend our prophet otherwise Allah will punish us." This sentiment was expressed by a 26 year old student in Great Britain where hundreds of Muslims are raging against cartoons. Other's held placards that read "Free Speech Go To Hell" and "Europe: Your 9/11 Will Come". When will we wake up. These idiots who apparently have no conception of Western notions of liberty are the ones who didn't want to remain in their countries of origin and have lived in the West for some time. Do you think that the majority of Muslims who are perfectly content to live under their theocratic leaders and systems are less exercised about this? Why, oh why, do many continue to assert that the majority of Muslims worldwide don't feel similarly. Why do we continue to believe that we are hearing only from a small but vocal minority of extremists who have "hijacked" a religion. On what grounds are these premises based other than a desire that they be true? The folks out there waving the signs calling for beheadings are not a bunch of goat-herders living in the mountains of Afghanistan. They are people who are living in and educated in the West. They supposedly know what we are all about but still believe as they do. Or could it perhaps be that they know, and will not accept it.

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