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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Debate With Hewitt

In my continuing "debate" with Hugh Hewitt, he states: "The debate begins with these questions: Are we at war with Islam? Do you want a war with Islam? My answers and the answers of any sensible person ought to be "no," and "no." I'd like to see blogggers who are opining on the cartoons answer these questions up front." Well then, I guess I'm not at least partways sensible. Perhaps we need a more precise definition from Hugh of "war" and "Islam" but, no doubt, we are at conflict with persons animated solely and completely by their Islamic beliefs. In WWII, we were at war with fascists who happened to be German, but their country of origin was irrelevant. It was their philosophy that drove them, and we fought against the standard bearers of that philosophy. The only difference here is the touchy subject of religion because of a naive belief that if it's religion, it must be good. The question Hugh doesn't answer, but that answer is implicit in his position, is that what we are seeing are troubles caused by an aberrant form of Islam. However, if you study history, that aberrant form has been around for centuries. As to point two. I don't want a war with Islam, much as we did not want a war with the Axis powers. But it seems to be inevitable.

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