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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More From The Moderate Muslims

Speaking of the United Arab Emirates, the following is from an interview with the founder of the "Creative Thinking Center" and broadcast on television there: Haven't we heard about the blessed mothers in Palestine who go to their sons and prepare them for martyrdom for the sake of Allah? The son sets out and on his way, he calls his mother from his cellphone, and tells her: "I've arrived at the place, I am going in." Then he says, "I'm ready," and the mother guides him and encourages him until she hears the bombs go off over the cellphone. Then she bows, thanking Allah for granting her son martyrdom for His sake. Then she utters cries of joy and refuses to accept condolences. She does not open a grieving tent, but rather a congratulation tent, because Allah granted her son martyrdom. Such Hansaa-like women have appeared again in our times. Some of these women commit martyrdom themselves. They may be married women or students, but even so, they are not tempted by this life, and they carry out martyrdom operations for the sake of Allah. These people, their society, their is sick. There is something fundamentally and grossly pathologic with much of Middle Eastern Arab/Muslim societies. I am not a sociologist or a psychologist, but I don't need to be to make this observation. These are not the rantings of some isolated hermit in a cave. This is the Arab mainstream, and make no mistake about it. [Hat tip: MEMRI]

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