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Saturday, February 04, 2006

This Has Nothing To Do With Content

Here is why I don't buy into the "insult" argument line. Muslims are supposedly in a rage because the now infamous cartoons are insulting depictions of their prophet. I have mentioned before that, in Islam, any depiction of Allah or Mohammed is considered blasphemous, whether insulting from a Western point of view or not. The argument goes that because the prophet was depicted, for example, with a bomb in his turban, Muslims are rightfully offended by the suggestion that Mohammed is portrayed as someone who - what? - promotes or condones violence? That would certainly seem to be the conclusion being proferred by most of the world press. However, what do the aggrieved Muslims do when so offended? They take to the streets pridefully warning Europe that its tallest buildings will be destroyed. They take to the streets calling for that very same violence and, in particular if you look at one of the placards above, warn that "demolition is on its way." Last I heard, demolition is accomplished with explosive devices, much My point, which is seemingly being missed, is that this row is more about form (i.e. the mere fact that the infidel press has published depictions of Mohammed) rather than substance (i.e. the nature of the depictions). UPDATE: Here are some of the latest words from Muslim spiritual leaders (and others) offended by the suggestion that their prophet blesses violence: "We will not accept less than severing the heads of those responsible" "We will not be satisfied with protests. The solution is the slaughter of those who harmed Islam and the Prophet" "Let the hands that drew (the cartoons) be severed" Considering how marginal a view this kind of stuff is supposed to be among Muslims, it sure doesn't seem too difficult to find it. Let's face facts: devout Muslims cannot and will not be able to live an even remotely assimilated existence in Western societies. This sentiment does not make me a bigot. It makes me a realist. Post script: Why is it so difficult to actually find these cartoons in our MSM? Are we not entitled to see what the fuss is all about?

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