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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today's Brief Catalog Of The Impending New Dark Age*

Photo from an Islamic rally in Pakistan. [Hat tip: LGF] Turkish journalist attacked for not wearing a headscarf and sitting "inappropriately" while the Koran was being read... Enraged Muslims (now a redundancy) in Nigeria burn churches and attack Christians with machetes killing, among others, a priest and three children... Riots in Libya after Italian minister wears offending T-shirt... My point and challenge remains quite simple and direct. With examples such as these appearing literally every single day in the Muslim world, how can anyone report with the semblance of a straight face that the "vast majority" of Muslims do not share these sentiments? On what basis is that assertion made other than wishful thinking conjoined with the multicultural ethic? *Special recognition and thanks to Mark Alexander.

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