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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

UC Irvine To Display Cartoons

I remain amazed at the failure of our politically correct society to see and state the obvious. UC Irvine will be hosting a panel discussion on Islamic extremism at which the cartoons will be displayed. Naturally, the usual suspects are protesting and boycotting. But why? Think about it for a moment. There will be a discussion held at a major college campus (of all places!) where a controversial subject matter will be placed front and center. There will be criticism leveled at some adherents of Islam...those that burn and destroy and kill in the name of their religion. Hypocrisy will be pointed out by cartoons and images and language clearly offensive to members of the Jewish and Christian faiths, but regularly published in Muslim-dominated countries. It may be uncomfortable for some, but that's life in a free society. However, we have supposedly educated college students saying things like: "To have a negative portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad is a slap in the face and we have an obligation to defend our prophet against slurs on his reputation...They're trying to draw a link between Islam and terrorism and that's what we've been trying all along to stop." First, the link has been long established and if you don't want to see it, delude yourself in private and don't display your ignorance and bias to the makes you less believable. It would be like living in 15th century Spain and stating that there was no connection between Christianity per se and the Spanish Inquisition, and that Torquemada was a free lancer. Feel free to defend all you want your prophet, but not at the expense of open discussion and not by arguing that all religiously "offensive" speech should be curtailed. Don't presume to speak for the rest of us who realize that taking occasional offense is a very small price to pay for the right to be able to think and express ourselves freely. Face the fact that you are the only group in this debate that is demanding special treatment and that you do disservice to whatever chance your faith has of being accepted as co-equal in the West when you insist this way. Instead, spend your time and efforts looking for like minded souls to help pull your belief system into the 21st century.

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