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Friday, February 10, 2006

When The Going Gets Tough...Liberals Try To Change The Rules

...and please don't tell me I have no way of knowing whether the folks behind this lawsuit are lefties. Your apparently dumb kid cannot pass the California high school exit exam (which tests at the 10th grade level), so rather than get him or her some extra help, you sue to have the requirement done away with. I do understand that many of these schools are failing to teach, but there really is no excuse for a kid to get through high school and still not be able to handle sophomore level math and English problems. But when you get reasoning such as "They worry the test may prevent the students from graduating" from the adults, what do you expect. The freakin' purpose of the test is to prevent some kids from graduating...those that haven't learned the material! And I'm truly sorry and sympathetic to those kids who are non-native English speakers and who may be having additional difficulties. But realistically, we either do not apply the standards to them (which is not doing them any long term favors), or they don't graduate until their English comprehension is up to par. I look at it in this apparently very reactionary and Neanderthal-like way: If I uprooted my family, moved them to Paris and enrolled my non-French speaking kids into French speaking schools, I would not be surprised and dismayed to learn that perhaps they were falling behind the other (French) kids. I also wouldn't wait until they were two months away from their graduation date to start worrying about it.

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