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Monday, February 06, 2006

Why Pretend That Logical Solutions Apply?

Hugh Hewitt continues to argue that the cartoons should not have been published. His point is simple and straightforward: The cartoons are offensive and, therefore, why hand jihadists the propaganda they hunger for? He uses the example of a cartoon image of Jesus Christ with TNT in place of a crown of thorns published after an abortion clinic bombing, and asks wouldn't that be offensive to Christians. Yes it would, but legitimately so only to the audience of Christians who would not bomb an abortion clinic anyway. Those who invoked the name of Jesus as justification for their evil cannot truly be offended by such a cartoon since they have acted precisely in the manner suggested by the cartoon..and not because of it. Which brings me to my second point. Does Hugh really believe that the jihadists will not find something else to falsely justify their hatred and violence. Does he really believe that their desire to annihilate the West springs from our provocations? Since none of their rage is legitimate, it cannot be stanched by otherwise legitimate sounding solutions. So why pretend otherwise. The oxygen sustaining their burning radicalism is not coming from the West. It is coming from within.

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