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Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Few Updates

I have been slow to post these days because the limited time I have to sit down and write is being spent on another project (I'm being intentionally mysterious in order to generate even a modicum of interest). However, do check out these two stories: The entirety of the reporting about the Katrina video, and the attempt to resurrect another "Bush Lied" firestorm, is intentionally false. See Patterico's post on this. The guy who intentionally drove a rented SUV into a group of students at UNC-Chapel Hill did so in retribution for the treatment of Muslims throughout the world. See Michelle Malkin on this one. I am repeating myself, but the question needs to be asked and re-asked until we wake up to the reality. What is it about Islam that leads so many of its adherents (including those who have spent most, if not all, of their lives in the West) to believe they have the right and responsibility to seek "retribution" against innocents? I'm only an amateur psychologist but it seems to me that it must at least in part come from the cultivation of an "us against them" mentality with "them" being the Dar al-Harb. When you are taught that all those that do not believe as you do are "infidels" rather than "brothers" who simply believe differently, and when you are taught that your people are destined to rule the world, you need not leap very far to reach the shore of intolerance and hate.

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