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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's still early but Bush done good on this one...

This is off topic from the usual posts but hopefully Ric and anyone who might read this won't mind...but I felt compelled to post and say Bush's prescription drug program is pretty darn good. I take care of my 76 year old dad who had a stroke 6 years ago and when I came back from being away for several months I had to deal with setting him up on his prescription drug program. I pay all his bills and the majority of his costs are spent on medication and health insurance. It was nice to see a program that actually benefited an actual tax payer and the middle class. I had a lot of options but I first chose AARP for my dad and mother. I also looked at Humana's program too, but AARP has been good so far. Bush did good here...or at least so far so good. First, it was easy to apply for. I did it right over the phone and the benefits are extremely noticeable. My father and mother pay $700 for Blue Cross coverage a month to pay for what Medicare doesn't cover and then $750 a month in prescription drugs for my dad alone for all the medication my father needs. I returned just two weeks ago from being away and signed him up. I have just received our pharmacy bill and it is less than HALFf!!! Some medications were just $1.00. I am impressed. I do not know the ins and outs of this program and how it is paid for and organized or even if it will last, but it has made a difference in the lives of my parents. What I appreciate most is that this program not only helps the least among us, but the ordinary middle class who worked hard for over 30 years to care for themselves in their old age, and yet they are still able to benefit and not pay most of their retirement income to medication. Normally with any new programs that is not the case. My hats off to Bush! I do not know how he did it but so far I like it!!!

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