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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Getting Back On The Blogosphere Nag

A very sober and thoughtful view of the Moussaoui verdict from across the Atlantic. I have mixed emotions about the sentence. On a visceral level, I wanted (and still want) him dead. I'm also concerned that one day we will be confronted with a video showing a group of innocent Americans threatened with beheading if Moussaoui is not released. A scenario that would obviously be out of play if the jury had sentenced him to death. On the other hand, the period of time from a death sentence through its actual implementation (i.e. the time spent on appeals) would have been a jihadi circus played out nightly on al-Jazeera. Not something that would be in our best interests and which would truly make this bastard the martyr he aches to be. I do also agree with the sentiment that because he was "only" a co-conspirator and not actually one who carried out any murderous acts, life in essentially solitary confinement is an appropriate sentence. So I say let him rot and lets move on the the next one. [Note: My self-imposed hiatus is just about over]

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