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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Countdown: 19 Days To Launch

Darryl Hannah "remains behind bars..." as a result of her arrest yesterday at the "urban garden." I would adore hearing just one supposed reporter ask her the simple question: "Ms. Hannah, doesn't the owner of the property who paid $5 million to buy it back from the City of L.A. and has been paying $25,000 per month since then have the right to do with it want he pleases?" I won't hold my breath. The debate on Iraq policy is a contentious and polarizing one. Some want U.S. troops withdrawn from Iraq by the end of this year. Some argue equally vociferously that it would be foolhardy to set any sort of timetable. A third group triangulates and calls for withdrawals to start this year but with no fixed timetable. And this is all within the Democratic party. COUNTDOWN: ONLY 19 DAYS BEFORE WIDEAWAKES RADIO GOES ON LINE.

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