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Friday, June 23, 2006

Homegrown Terrorists

Five of the seven arrested in a plot to blow up the Sears tower in Chicago are American citizens. One was here illegally. They were all part of a Black Muslim group. Let me be the first to point out the obvious inter-relationship between the constant drumbeat of supposed alienation from, and oppression by, the dominant "culture" that I'm quite certain was taken up by these guys and the desire to see the symbols of that culture destroyed. Being taught that you are different, undervalued and inevitably to be victimized by the majority can only lead to distrust, hate and violence against those who you consider to be the cause of your failure. That's why black parents who teach their kids that "whitey" is out to get them are doing not only their offspring a disservice, but the society at large. I also blame the multi-culturalists who bend over backwards to teach "acceptance" of anything no matter how wrong or self-destructive under the auspices of cultural difference. We need to wake up very, very soon to the Balkanization of our culture from bi-lingual education and ballots, to the hyphenization of our identities, to the celebration in our schools of every culture but that of America. This constant focus on differences rather than similarities does not encourage tolerance, but instead breeds hatred. We must wake up and realize we are at war...not just militarily, but culturally as well...and we cannot afford to lose either battle.

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