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Friday, June 23, 2006

Random Thoughts and Observations

With so little time these days, here's a two minute drill: 1. Five hundred artillery shells loaded with mustard and sarin gas have been found in Iraq. The Bloomberg News report on this is buried at page 17 of my local rag. Simultaneously, any number of Democrats are repeating in one form or fashion the "Bush Lied" mantra during the cut and run debate, which is to be found on the front page. Is this irony lost on everyone? 2. Almost simultaneously with the arrest of persons plotting to blow up the Sears tower, the NY Times runs a story helpful to our enemies disclosing another tool being used to identify and apprehend terrorists. 3. A Clark County (Las Vegas) valedictorian has her microphone turned off because she intended to mention "Jesus Christ" in her graduation address. I will bet dollars to doughnuts that if a Muslim student wanted to thank Allah (peanut butter be upon him) for helping him through his four years of high school, not a peep would be heard form the ACLU. 4. What does it say about the Democratic party when it turns on a guy like Joe Lieberman? What does it say about Al Gore that he won't endorse his former running mate? 5. KFC is being sued for surreptitiously placing fat and cholesterol in its fried chicken. I, for one, had no idea that un-skinned chicken deep fried in oil was unhealthy. 6. Intellectual dishonesty alert. The folks who advocate for gun restrictions (e.g. San Francisco city council) argue that, by banning firearms, gun-related violence will decrease dramatically and perhaps even end. However, I'll bet dollars to doughnuts (again) that most of these same folks also take the position that, despite any restrictions or outright bans on abortion, abortions will still take place. Therefore it's unrealistic to even consider such bans. That's it for now...but don't forget that Wideawakes radio goes on line on Independence Day, 2006 at a computer near you! Check out the promo!

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