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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Which Is It?

The NY Times, among others, has labeled the President's surprise trip to Baghdad as a "publicity stunt". The trip was obviously designed to allow the President to honor the newly formed Iraqi government in person and, coincidentally, show our terrorist enemies that the leader of the war against them can fly in and out of the maw with impunity. This is all good stuff, both substantively and psychologically. Which brings me to my point. Our press expresses disdain for our President (and theirs as well whether they like it or not) when he properly responds both politically and tactically to a situation, calling it cheap politically rhetoric. On the other hand, whenever Osama bin Laden furtively produces a videotape from his mountain cave production studio ranting on about the inexorability of his cause, and slips it to an al Jazeera accomplice, that same media will go on and on about the psychological impact this will have on our troops and how this is evidence that no progress is being made in the war on terror. By the way, since Zarqawi was killed, Iraqi and American forces have carried out 452 raids and killed 104 terrorists.

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