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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Warren Christopher, Democrats and a More Inclusive Foreign Policy

Warren Christopher, former secretary of State under Bill Clinton, remains without a clue as evidenced by his recent Washington Post op-ed piece. Whenever you begin to think that liberal foolishness has its limits, someone like Mr. Christopher comes along to remind you that it knows no bounds. I can't help but think of a joke that made the rounds while Warren Christopher was Secretary of State. A conflict had arisen somewhere in the world...I cannot remember precisely where and when...but it was of the sort that, in the mind of many, called for some sort of decisive action by America. The punchline to the joke was: "If Warren Christopher were alive, this wouldn't be happening." How true that remains. But what an excellent reminder it is of what we would be witnessing if there was a Democratic administration struggling to deal with this incarnation of the Israel-Hizbollah conflict. Like most of the anti-war, effete intellectual left, Christopher's first objective (which, of course, serves as a criticism of the Bush Administration's approach) would have been to negotiate an immediate cease-fire. As support , he points to his 1993 and 1996 efforts to reach such a negotiated cessation of hostilities when Hizbollah began lobbing rockets into Israel on his watch. What is left out of his trip down memory lane is the obvious. The 1993 cease-fire obviously did not have much of a salutary effect inasmuch as three years later another had to be negotiated. And we're at it again, only with more powerful weapons being fired at Israel by Hizbollah. However, the inevitable repetition of this deadly song and dance should have been obvious, and likely was obvious, since Christopher now writes: "Achieving a cease-fire will be difficult enough without overloading the initial negotiations with a search for permanent solutions." Forbid the thought that any considerations of a "permanent solution" to this terrorist aggression against a sovereign state unduly burden the initial negotiations. Or apparently any and all subsequent negotiations, at least based upon the past success achieved in bringing these unilateral attacks to a halt. But that should come as no surprise since Mr. Christopher and most of the left draw little distinction between Israel, who has been living up to its obligations in the region, and a terrorist organization who has steadily stockpiled weaponry and now taken up kidnapping as a tool of warfare. And that is the crux of the matter. Warren Christopher is the archetype for the sensitive and inclusive leftist foreign policy wonk to whom there are no legitimate distinctions between sovereign states and terrorist organizations, and for whom "peace" however ill-obtained and transient is a more than appropriate substitute for a permanent resolution. Warren Christopher may not be alive, but his fatuous thinking thrives. [Vote for this post at RealClearPolitics]

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Short Course In Lebanese Politics

Read this post from Big Pharaoh for a bit of background on the fractious Lebanese political landscape.

Check Out This Canadian Blogger

It's good to know that there are sane folks to the north. shlemazl: Major-General Lewis MacKenzie, pro-Israeli rally in Toronto#links

Bunker Blogger On A Much Needed Break

Eugene, the young Israeli man whose blog, Live From An Israeli Bunker, has become such a sensation, will be out of commission for a few weeks while he leaves Haifa for a pre-hostilities planned trip to Canada. I had the opportunity to interview him a little over a week ago, and he was kind enough to mention me and Wide Awakes Radio in his most recent post.

Andersen v. King County

I spent some time this morning on Wide Awakes Radio discussing the Washington Supreme Court case that held the state's ban on gay marriage was constitutional. It was reviewing the challenge to Washington state's Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by a number of same sex couples who sought to be married under that state's laws and claimed that the DOMA was discriminatory against gays and lesbians. I have taken the time to read the entire 62 page majority opinion. Let me point out its most significant aspects, for I expect that its detractors will mischaracterize what this court has done. First of all, the court held that homosexuality/homosexuals are not a "suspect class" such as those based upon race, religion or national origin. Therefore, the heightened standard of review applied to laws arguably affecting members of a suspect class are not to be applied here. Instead, the court is to simply determine if the legislature had a "rational basis" for the law being challenged. The court found that the legislature did. The Washington state Supreme Court also very clearly stated that it was not it's role or function to pass on the wisdom of the law (i.e. substitute the judgment of the justices for that of the legislature) but merely to determine if there was a rational basis for the law. Finally, the court discussed the legislature's basis for passage of the DOMA and recognized that the policy of encouraging same sex marriage and the formation and maintenance of traditional "nuclear families" was a legitimate goal advanced by the DOMA. It referenced studies showing that children raised by a mother and a father in an intact family generally out-perform both academically and socially those from single-parent families or from families where there is not both a male and female role model. This is very important stuff. But remember that the court was not endorsing heterosexual unions over same sex unions. It was simply, but effectively, doing its job by showing the proper deference to the legislative branch of the government rather than legislating from the bench.
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One-Wing F-15 Landing

You have GOT to watch this video of an F-15 being landed with only one wing remaining!! Talk about American technology and know-how. Apparently, the builders of the F-15, McDonnell Douglas, said that it was impossible for their plane to fly with only one wing. [HT: Wild Bill]

Guess Who Flies The Yellow Flag?

The photo above is of a U.N. "observation" post in Lebanon. I'm sure you all recognize the powder blue flag of the United Nations, but do you recognize the yellow banner flying higher? That would be the flag of Hizbollah. Yeah...I'm sure Israel deliberately targeted those U.N. peacekeepers.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gay Marriage Ruling To Be Discussed

Tomorrow during my Wide Awakes Radio show (7-9 am Pacific), I will be discussing and analyzing the Washington State Supreme Court's opinion in Andersen v. King County which upheld that state's ban on gay marriage. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Visit U.S. Central Command to find out what our military is really doing in the Middle East. You can also click on the logo appearing in the right sidebar.

A Pearl From The Nuge

Don't know if the following is true...but it oughta be: Rocker Ted Nugent was being interviewed by a French journalist. The journalist asked, "What do you think is the last thought in the head of a deer before you shoot him? Is it, "Are you my friend?" or is it, "Are you the one who killed my brother?" Nugent replied, "Deer aren't capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is, "What am I going to eat next, who am I going to screw next, and can I run fast enough to get away. They are very much like the French."

This Is Who We Should Be Paying Attention To

Read about the letter reproduced below from one of our Marines: "To The Editor: In response to Lee B.'s letter on Haditha: I guess you were there at Haditha to witness these acts of desperation. I am a Marine combat veteran who served at Haditha in Iraq's Al Anbar province. Maybe I missed you there when my fellow Marines would get ambushed on a daily basis in Haditha, or when my patrol was shelled by mortars and two juveniles were spotting for the insurgent mortar team. I guess you were there when two Marines from my company were killed when their patrol was ambushed in the city, hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) under the watchful eyes of Iraqi civilians in the area who did nothing to warn them it was there. An IED is usually an artillery round, sometimes several artillery rounds tied together and set off by a remote control device. It is intended to cause massive trauma and death. The insurgents use this indiscriminately and they don't care if civilians are near our patrols. Were you there when we found 10 Iraqi civilians beheaded, left on the side of the road by insurgents? Or when our sniper team caught two individuals planting two IEDs along our patrol route. One of them was a police officer, the other was a teenager. They were eliminated under our ROEs (rules of engagement), which define what they were doing as a hostile act and hostile intent. I'm sure you remember going house to hourse, clearing each building in Haditha, or getting shelled every day while you set up and guarded a voting site for the citizens of Haditha. We were willing to provide escort for them because of the insurgency in Haditha, but I read there were no insurgents there, just women and children. Haditha is a very active insurgent region. I can's answer for my fellow marines with Kilo 3/1 because I was not there with them. But I have experienced their struggle and fought in the same area. You say the firs casualty of war is truth. Well then, with all due respect, go to Iraq and see the truth for yourself. It will open your eyes. Semper fi. Rene A.Alamo, Texas." Maybe if more of us would listen to what our fighting men and women had to say, we would be a little less misinformed. [HT: GM's Corner]

Monday, July 24, 2006

Robert Spencer to be interviewed on Wide Awakes Radio

I will be interviewing Robert Spencer, the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, and founder of the websites Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch on Tuesday, 8/1/06, at 8:00 am (Pacific). Here's the link to my post at Wide Awakes Radio for further information.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Live From An Israeli Bunker"

I just had the privilege to interview on WideAwakesRadio a young man who has been blogging from just outside of Haifa, Israel. His site is called Live From An Israeli Bunker and he has been posting in realtime while Hezbollah rockets are dropping. It was an amazing 30 minute discussion and, with any luck, we will be rebroadcasting the interview tomorrow evening between 8-9 pm (Pacific).

Monday, July 17, 2006

Coming to a Computer Near You

The radio version of "Release The Hounds! will be airing Tuesday thru Friday from 7-9 am (Pacific) on Wide Awakes Radio.

Cartoon of the Day

Bush and Blair Unplugged

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair we're caught on an open microphone. It's good to know they get it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You Need To Know Who We Are Fighting

I try to avoid gratuitously gruesome images, but sometimes a picture is indeed worth (in this case) hundreds of thousands of words. Below are three photos of the bodies of the two American soldiers, Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, abducted and beheaded by al Qaeda. You can see and read more at The Jawa Report.

Tomorrow's Show

Tomorrow we'll be discussing, among other things, the building conflagration in the Middle East; Michael Moore's new movie; the Mount Soledad cross; and L.A.'s "urban farm". If you haven't heard of Magen David Adom, you should educate yourself. It is the Israeli of the Red Cross and provides pre-hospital medical emergency needs throughout that country. It is Israel's first responder in the event of a terrorist bombing. As you can imagine, its personnel are very busy right now. A worthy cause is the American Friends of Magen David Adom so please go to the website and make a donation.

Wide Awakes Radio Is Back And Streaming

It seems as though the bugs have been mostly worked out and Wide Awakes Radio is up and running again. I'll be on from 7-9 am (Pacific) tomorrow and every Tuesday thru Friday (and Sunday evening from 8-9 pm). Let me take a minute and explain what we've done here. This is one of the very few internet streaming audio "stations" out there right now. More uniquely, it's the only one I know of that is hosted by plain old conservative bloggers working from their "home studios" (i.e. computers) throughout these United States. That means that you will be listening to something very different in many respects to what you may have become accustomed. There are no radio professionals hosting our programs so, and I speak only for myself, there will be some rough spots as we climb the learning curve. But we will get better and better quite quickly as time goes on. What will be extraordinarily helpful for all the hosts is if you call in to whatever show happens to be on air at the time, and get involved in the discussion. The number is 1-888-407-1776. Note: It may take 30 seconds or so for the audio stream to start up when you click the "Listen Live" button, so please be patient.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Just About Time

I should be doing the last half-hour of my show tomorrow (8:30-9:00 am Pacific) and then starting with my regular schedule on Friday, so please don't hesitate to click the "listen live" button at the right sidebar or go to Wide Awakes Radio (WAR) and access our stream from there. In fact, I'd recommend you save the WAR site to your desktop for easy, and daily, access.

We're still working on regaining our ability to take call-ins and that should be squared away very soon so give us a listen and tell me what you think. Just remember...we're bloggers learning the radio business, not the other way around, so be kind!

Elvis Is In The Building

Wide Awakes Radio is now streaming again. Our server issues seem resolved, but we're still working on getting our phone-in capabilities back up and able to withstand the much higher than expected phone traffic. Nevertheless, we are broadcasting so take some time, visit the website or click the logo on my right column and give a listen.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio

If you haven't heard, the July 4 kick off was such a rousing success that we had to get a more powerful server to handle the traffic! That's why we won't be streaming again until probably this Sunday. I missed the premier having been stuck in a hospital ER with some irregularities in my heartbeat, but will be around for the re-streaming and then to start my regular Tuesday thru Friday spot (7-9 am, Pacific). Lest you think I'm exaggerating about the buzz and interest in our first day of programming, MSNBC and Michelle Malkin, among others, had links to the Wide Awakes Radio site.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Less Than Two Days To Go!

Take a minute and go to my post at Wide Awakes Radio for some more info on the Independence Day launch of one of the most innovative things to hit talk radio in a long time. Also, note the button in the right sidebar to connect to the audio stream. If you click it now, you might be able to listen in on some beta testing!!