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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Warren Christopher, Democrats and a More Inclusive Foreign Policy

Warren Christopher, former secretary of State under Bill Clinton, remains without a clue as evidenced by his recent Washington Post op-ed piece. Whenever you begin to think that liberal foolishness has its limits, someone like Mr. Christopher comes along to remind you that it knows no bounds. I can't help but think of a joke that made the rounds while Warren Christopher was Secretary of State. A conflict had arisen somewhere in the world...I cannot remember precisely where and when...but it was of the sort that, in the mind of many, called for some sort of decisive action by America. The punchline to the joke was: "If Warren Christopher were alive, this wouldn't be happening." How true that remains. But what an excellent reminder it is of what we would be witnessing if there was a Democratic administration struggling to deal with this incarnation of the Israel-Hizbollah conflict. Like most of the anti-war, effete intellectual left, Christopher's first objective (which, of course, serves as a criticism of the Bush Administration's approach) would have been to negotiate an immediate cease-fire. As support , he points to his 1993 and 1996 efforts to reach such a negotiated cessation of hostilities when Hizbollah began lobbing rockets into Israel on his watch. What is left out of his trip down memory lane is the obvious. The 1993 cease-fire obviously did not have much of a salutary effect inasmuch as three years later another had to be negotiated. And we're at it again, only with more powerful weapons being fired at Israel by Hizbollah. However, the inevitable repetition of this deadly song and dance should have been obvious, and likely was obvious, since Christopher now writes: "Achieving a cease-fire will be difficult enough without overloading the initial negotiations with a search for permanent solutions." Forbid the thought that any considerations of a "permanent solution" to this terrorist aggression against a sovereign state unduly burden the initial negotiations. Or apparently any and all subsequent negotiations, at least based upon the past success achieved in bringing these unilateral attacks to a halt. But that should come as no surprise since Mr. Christopher and most of the left draw little distinction between Israel, who has been living up to its obligations in the region, and a terrorist organization who has steadily stockpiled weaponry and now taken up kidnapping as a tool of warfare. And that is the crux of the matter. Warren Christopher is the archetype for the sensitive and inclusive leftist foreign policy wonk to whom there are no legitimate distinctions between sovereign states and terrorist organizations, and for whom "peace" however ill-obtained and transient is a more than appropriate substitute for a permanent resolution. Warren Christopher may not be alive, but his fatuous thinking thrives. [Vote for this post at RealClearPolitics]