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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Craziness In The Middle East And At Home

Check out this video at MsUnderestimated and then tell me that we can "dialogue" with these mad-as-hatters. Like I was saying this morning during Radio RTH! we need to come to grips with the fact that, for whatever reason, these people do not see things (e.g. life, death, family, society) as we do and never will. Why they don't is irrelevant. It has been the same for literally thousands of years and it doesn't factor into the equation. It is the same as the proper response to the argument that "most" Muslims are "good" or not fanatics or radical Islamists. That's probably true, although I suspect that a very large percentage, although perhaps not willing to strap a bomb belt on and meet Allah, are in tacit approval with those who do. Nevertheless, the point is that even if most Muslims are "good" it makes absolutely no difference. It is completely irrelevant...irrelevant...irrelevant. Doesn't change a thing about what needs to be done and how. I'm sure there were many "good" Germans in the 1930s, but that quite obviously didn't stop Hitler and the Nazi party from taking control. Either the good ones couldn't or wouldn't speak out then as perhaps is the case now. But it didn't matter then, and doesn't matter now. As for the nutjobs on our left, check out this little bit of tinfoil-hat-wearing which is beginning to ripple thru the lefty blogosphere. Incredible!