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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today (8/9/06) on Radio RTH!

We covered a wide variety of items today starting with the controversy over Reuters' use of doctored photos, which apparently has spread to the AP. We discussed a study linking listening to raunchy and sexual song lyrics to earlier sexual activity...and provided an example of these popular lyrics during our "Hip-Hop Minute". A bit of time was spent on the eleven missing Egyptian students now being sought by the FBI, and why we even issue student visas to persons from countries that aid and abet terrorism. I mentioned the piece by John Stossel regarding the effective of lawsuits on our overall safety, and finally discussed why Mel Gibson may not actually be a bigot. I analyzed the harm the left-left-left wing of the Democratic party is doing to its own as evidenced by the campaign against Joe Lieberman. Oh, yeah...we also managed to mention The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. Next Wednesday (8/16/06) I'll be interviewing Michael Hayutin, the author of Character Immunization: How to Raise Children Strong Enough To Resist Popular Culture during the eight o'clock hour.