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Friday, August 11, 2006

Today on Radio RTH! (8/11/06)

Very interesting and crazy morning. Spoke to a caller from Texas who gave me a great suggestion for a radio show tag line...I've placed it on the banner of the blog as well. Then spoke to Brendan from Down Under for the Aussie perspective on what's going on here in the States. We discussed the aging and increasing senile Mike Wallace and his agitprop interview with Iranian president Ahmadinejad. Best line was that Wallace didn't believe that he was an anti-Semite. We also discussed the following: The ACLU has threatened a Louisiana parish because of a plan to create a Hurricane Katrina memorial that will feature a cross. The memorial is to be on private property. The funding is all privately raised. California wants to treat persons stopped for driving without ever having had a valid drivers license more kindly than those driving on a suspended license, and impound the car of the latter for 30 days but of the former for day. Get it? If you are a person who has never held a valid California drivers license (read: illegal alien) and are caught, you need only give up your car for one whole day. If you had a license but it had been suspended for some reason, and you were pulled over, your car would be gone for thirty days.