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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UN Cease-Fire Plan Already In Jeopardy...and it ain't the Israelis

No sooner said then done. I just got off the air after having spoken to Eugene of Live From An Israeli Bunker when I saw this report. We were talking about the foolishness of this cease-fire plan and I had suggested that the only positive is that Hizbollah will sooner rather than later violate its terms. Well, it seems that the Hizbollah-influenced Lebanese parliament has come to the rescue agreeing to "allow" (as if they could prevent them) Hizbollah to keep arms hidden in areas south of the Litani river. This is in contravention to the terms of Resolution 1701 that stipulates that the only armed forces south of the Litani river will be UNIFIL and the Lebanese army. Keep an eye on this.